Wednesday, April 10, 2013

KFC drive thru

Bui has been tempting me about KFC for quite a while. Last we had KFC was in Dec 2012. According to the "Law of Law" (my last name is Law. hahahaa), we should only have KFC once a year. But Bui has become impatient since February... I was doing quite good for holding him off for another 2 months, until last night.

He picked me up from skytrain station last night. After our car reached our carpark, parked, I turned to him and asked, "have you cooked tonight?". He answered "only rice. Not cooked dishes yet. So busy.". So I surprised him "what do you say if we go for KFC tonight?". Wah I tell you ah, his eyes got lights up immediately, he was like a kid, almost jumping from the floor and rushed back to the car!!! I seriously don't know why KFC has such a big influence on guys. So we drive to the one nearby our house, and to the drive through way.

Actually, drive through always makes me nervous. It's like I have to order something when the car is in front of the board, and the board has so many choices, it is really a gun cheong moment!!! I don't know about you all, but to me it is! Sigh.

So, from 2 cars away, we were squinting our eyes and looking at the "bucket" deal (KFC with Bui is always bucket, don't even wish for normal meal 2-3 pieces ok). And we can't decide which one yet and the car in front of us only spent few seconds to order and he zoomed past. Makes us so gun cheong. As our car slowly pulled up to the drive through order window, we still haven't decided. Finally I said, let's choose that 8 pc bucket deal.

So Bui ordered, "8 pc bucket deal". Then I told him (in low voice of course), chicken wing or popcorn chicken. And he go and repeat my words, word for word at that window "With Chicken Wing or Popcorn Chicken". I nearly fainted. I beh tahan already, in normal voice tone, you have to choose!!!!!!!! Then Bui become gun cheong, "choose what?" I said "chicken wing or popcorn chicken". Then he confused "yah lah, chicken wing or popcorn chicken la". I almost want to kaboom... I think the woman beside the order window sure laugh die till stomachache. At the end, she chose for us, no, for him. She chose for him. Popcorn Chicken.

When I scolded him later, he some more scold me back, "You confused me."

Hallo... the board so big there lah.... it says "either or"...

Speechless.. Help~~~~~~~~~~

Because of this incident, I told myself, next KFC drive thru die die also has to be Aril 10, 2014!!!!!!!! Don't care and won't give in >_<"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roller coaster

After celebrating 3 days gong xi fa cai with frens and Bui, eat eat eat, sleep sleep sleep, I returned to work with a half-empty mind, and dead body, with a sore throat.

Finally, finished the day at 5.30pm. Went home, and there's a letter from school on my table.

Suddenly dead body revived. So excited!!! Apparently I am the highest mark in the provincial of BC!!! Hoooray~~~~~~~

Can't stop laughing, like kena lottery... hahahaaahhahhaa...

Then I checked, there's only 57 people sitting for the exam in the province of BC for that session. Cheh... not that geng jeh...

Suddenly don't feel excited anymore...

Continue to my boring life.

I haven't registered for the next course. I don't know if it is worth it to be so suffering. What do you think??

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The leftover yam

Bui keep reminding me there's another half of the yam sitting in the fridge. He wants me to "do something" about it.

I was thinking about making another yam cake, now that my hand's muscles has recovered totally. haha...

But... but... I want to challenge myself. I want to do yam bread!

Wish me luck!! Tonight is the night!!

Will update soon:)

Monday, February 04, 2013


The work started at 4.30pm.

Cut the 虾米 into tiny pieces (but next time I will make the piece bigger, no need to cut too small, too small until I can't really taste it is also no fun), and also 蒜头,葱头,put some 五香粉, salt, pepper, and also 粘面粉, water, and then 不停的翻动在锅里,until the yam becomes totally "melted"... and then steam!

by the time I finished, it's like 6.30pm++.... so tired.... I keep steaming and steaming, because the yam feels so soft and sticky still when I used the fork to duk it. But little did I know, once it is cooled down, it will be hardened. The recipe should say so mah... I think I steamed it for 1.5 hours. But I think actualy max 40 min is enough.

And have to do the toppings... topping is very important according to Bui. He kept taking my toppings, I told him I only make this much, he needs to ration it. hahaha...

Pai seh, took the photo of half eaten yam cake... hahaha...

Ok ok, here's the total picture of how it looks like.

This is the topping..., ingredient is 菜脯粒(the one u used to fried eggs), 虾米 again (needs to cut tiny pieces again), samba sauce, and fried them all together. A bit too salty this time, next time I will not put salt at all because I forgot the caipu is salty already.

If my papa is still around, he will be so proud of my yam dish... whenever I eat this dish, I thought of him. This is is favorite dish.

I still have another half of the yam at fridge. Bui kept saying we should do it again. But I tell him I need to recoup from the n ightmare of cutting those little stuff first.... so tiring!

Bui finished all my yam cake within 24 hours! :D

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pre-CNY dinner

Well, we are hosting a pre-CNY dinner on Feb 9, for a group of 6 (including us).

I haven't had a clue what to make as meal....

Can you see I don't sound enthusiastically?? Not that I don't like to host, but the initiative is not by us... one of the friend lah, she wanted so much of this dinner, but she is sharing the apartment with her housemate, so she can't host it, and ask us.

How to say no leh? If our apartment is a BIG HOUSE, with long table, fire place, big kitchen, I really don't mind... but our apartment is so small... But I am the type that not good at saying NO... bad for me I know...

OK, let's get the positive energy together, can you tell me what should I make for a group of 6, with CNY symbols? :)

I am definitely making the shuijiao. Made 2 plates last weekend (counted, it was 46 pcs), and happy with the result. Yummy... I had minced meat, 韭菜 (hate cutting it small small piece though), mushroom, prawns, a bit of 酱油, 盐, that's it. For the source I have 麻油,醋,酱油. Bui loves the source made by me. I love it too. hahaa... If he made the source, the taste is very awkwardly different but he has all the ingredients right. Really don't know why... We ate 1 plate, and froze the other plate for next consumption. :p

I want to attempt making the 芋头糕, although this has nothing to do with CNY, just something I saw online (recipe) and want to try making again. I made one in 2010, BIG FAILURE that time. But the recipe this time is a bit different... so... Must try again this weekend. hahaha...

Picture later eh?;)

Please give me some ideas what you guys eating at CNY... I can't remember what we ate differently but sometimes my mom will cook 海参 (which I don't know to cook......:(( sigh), duck, prawns (this I can make, learnt 奶油虾 from my mom this trip, but need to find curry leaves?), fish, and a soup (I can make 咸菜鱼片汤?). But sound so plain hor if I make like this.... ideas?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Exam mark is out!!!!!!!!! I have 95.5 for final exam, and 92.5 for overall final course mark!


I thought I would score marginally like 70+ for final because that final exam is really very difficult... it's a make or break situation... I never expect something like 95.5!!!!!!


When I login to see my score just now, I half close my eyes.... dare not open both eyes to see... so silly. hehehehhe:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My new buddy :D

I finally decided to dump that stupid Ikea new alarm clock, and get a Sony one (after taking advice from Jennifer. Yah, what's wrong with waking up to radio?).

OK, it's a big box (compared to my old buddy), but the snooze button is so much easier to reach and so much bigger that you can't miss even with your 5% stage of mind presence, and the clock is is auto-timed after you plug in the electricity and choose the time zone! So geng. It does not even come with an instruction sheet because it is so common sense.

The Snoooze, can even choose 10 min, 20 min, up to 60 min. Hahaha... But I do hope it has a 5-min option, then I can snooze more times. hehe...

Bui said the radio is too loud, even though I turned it very very very low. The first time when it goes on, I don't even realize... I was sleeping like a pig.

I am such not a morning person!!